10 Year "Decade" Warranty


  • Liberty Gutters, LLC warrants to the homeowner(s)/building owners located at the address and on the date specified herein that the metal used on seamless aluminum gutters (only) by Liberty Gutters, LLC will not peel, chip, crack, split, flake or blister under conditions of normal wear for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation. Should the materials fail to perform in accordance with the above standards, and under proper notification and inspection by Liberty Gutters, LLC, Liberty Gutters, LLC shall at its sole option either repair, replace, refinish or refund any defective materials.
  • Sealed seams at end caps and miters are guaranteed not to leak for a period of ten (10) years
  • Workmanship is guaranteed for a period of (10) years. This ensures that the system was originally installed according to industry standards and that no initial install mistakes were made.
  • Liberty Gutters, LLC will assume one hundred (100%) percent of the material cost for validated claims made during the first three (3) years after installation. Beginning on the fourth year of the warranty period, Liberty Gutters, LLC’s share of such costs will be reduced to ninety (90%) percent and the homeowner’s cost shall be ten (10%) percent of the then current cost. Each year thereafter through the tenth (10) year Liberty Gutters, LLC’s share will cumulatively decrease from ninety (90%) percent by five (5%) percent increments per year. Any claims received by Liberty Gutters, LLC after the warranty period of ten (10) years shall be invalid and Liberty Gutters, LLC shall not be responsible for any costs associated therewith.


  • Excluded Damage: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from fire, flood, lightning, hailstorm, windstorm, wind borne objects, earthquakes, snow and/or ice, salt spray or other acts of God. Liberty Gutters, LLC shall not be responsible for normal structural shrinkage or distortion; electrolysis from contact with existing copper or other dissimilar metals; vandalism; harmful chemicals, vapors or fumes; misuse; abuse; normal weathering or the homeowner(s) failure to provide regular cleaning and maintenance of the product or any other cause beyond the control of Liberty Gutters , LLC.
  • Restricted Applications: This warranty does not cover the product when applied to motor/mobile home or other transportable structures.
  • Execution: The homeowner(s) has the duty to deliver payment in full for material and installation provided in accordance with the payment terms set forth. (These being full amount due upon job completion.) If for any reason the payment falters, this warranty becomes null and void until full payment is restituted.

Notice, Inspection, Remedies and Conditions

Should the homeowner(s) believe that the materials provided by Liberty Gutters, LLC contain manufacturing defects, they shall present their claim in writing, within two weeks of the time the defect is discovered, to the following email address: libertygutterstx@gmail.com

This Document is Your Warranty and Becomes Effective Upon Receipt Of Payment In Full. No Signature is Required.

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These guys are fantastic! I’m very happy with the result and the service! I am already recommending them to my neighbors. My next door neighbor has already commented how nice the house looks! Top notch guys!!

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Great profession experience firsthand. Had work completed on Monday and so far, no issues to report. My house looks great with the new addition of gutters. THANKS for the professionalism and efficient service provided!

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Liberty gutters did an excellent job. Very responsive, Kevin and his crew are very professional and we had no issues. The price for the work was fair and the end result of the job was perfect.

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